Who are we?

We are a group of computer scientists, that we like what we do, that we decided to start our own way some years ago and that we have survived the heavy economic situation.

We hope that we can live from our trade, growing, without becoming a big company.

We would not want to lose that hand, that call to our mobiles, that coffee with our client, talking about anything but work.

We would like it to be like this, an optimal service, to understand what the client wants, to live his work and to be able to help him without having already invented products, it is impossible that something invented fits 100% of the people, we are all different.

That's why we exist, we are not the suppliers of all nor all are our customers, there must be a connection, to see where we come and how we can help, make our work worthwhile and useful.

Custom projects

Cash control systems

ImaCash is our main project. It is a program that interacts between the cashier device and the computer application of management of the establishment.


Specialized in programming desktop applications and web applications.

Computer expert and forensic expert

We develop all types of expert reports, applying the most advanced tools and techniques in operating systems.

About us

Development Team.

Our development team is specialized, in several sectors that allows us to realize great projects of great quality.
Our members are equipped with the best training and we master a wide range of programming languages, so we can adapt to any sector that needs our services.


We are located in Sueca, we are a company that enjoys the challenges and we will always be willing to develop what we are asked.
All our projects are made for professionals in their sector, creating the solution to their problems and improving their day to day.

Follow the evolution of your project.

You'll be able to follow the evolution of your project from where you want so that you can see if everything is to your liking, if it were not, you'll only have to contact us.
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